Convincing your family members you want to work from home

Convincing your family members you want to work from home

Its a difficult ride if you want to work from home and yet, the most important people in your life are against the work at home concept. Its a dream to you but it can be a nightmare for people who care for you. The whole idea of not having a stable income makes them worry about you, so, dont blame them. For all you know, youre terribly confident that your plan will work and you know you can commit to your new work at home businessyou know that but THEY dont.

The first step you will need to take to help your family members accept your work at home decision is to understand how they feel. I know, I know, this is a time when you want others to understand you and accept your decision. Youre tired of working for someone else and want to have the freedom of spending time with your family and friends, instead of lounging around in the office day in and day out. And here I am, telling you that you should understand the very people who are opposing you?

This is not a secret but think of it like some kind of a psychological plan. ever heard of the term reverse psychology? Ok, youre required to use this and let me tell you thisit works like a charm! If you do this right, you will convince your family members that working at home is the best option for you.

Say things like, I know you care for me, love me and want what is best for me., I understand what youre saying, or Youre absolutely right in saying that, I cant say youre wrong. When youre talking to them in a non-attack way, they will back down and bring down their fences. This is an amazing way to help your family members accept your work-at-home decision. Its true, my own family members were not to keen on me wasting my law degree to start a work at home business either to them, I am wasting my degree, wasting my talents and wasting my energy. And they dont want to see me suffer, be disappointed and face financial problems. Being parents, they want what is best for me and in their eyes, working at home is NOT the best moneymaking opportunity. Over the years, I have finally opened my parents eyes to the working at home concept. They finally accepted it that I communicate with clients from all over the world and that I am being paid for the work that I do and that my income is comfortable.

As for the spouse, this is a little bit trickier. You see, in 2-income families, if one person wants to start working from home, the other spouse would have to be prepared to give up more of his or her income to cover for the stuff that is supposed to be covered by the now-working-at-home spouse. At least during the first few months of the business, that is. I mean, for 3 to 6 months after working from home, youll have to expect to dig into your savings or the spouse would have to cover for expenses, so, naturally, he or she would be a little bit disgruntled with the fact. Theyre not being selfish theyre trying to deal with you breaking out of the comfort zone. Everyone, including you, hates that. So, dont expect your spouse to welcome the idea of working from home with wide open arms. Theres bound to be some skepticism.

And skepticism from your loved ones is good too because it will keep you on your toes and youre feet remains firmly planted on the ground. So, the best thing to do with your spouse is to discuss the idea with him or her, sit down and plan the finances. For example, dig into your savings to cover for contribution to expenses, working part-time, telecommuting, cut down on expenses, selling the extra car, remortgaging, etc. Find a way and a plan to ease the discomfort for your spouse. Make sure he or she has nothing to complain about your working at home decision. Its incredibly difficult to accept, trust me, if youre not the one who wants to work from home. If youre on the other side of the fence, everything looks so bleak and uncertain.

Break through their barrier not with force, but with gentle compromising and understanding. Then, youll get their full support for your work at home business.

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Want To Be Wealthy? Don’t Stop Dreaming!

If I asked 100 people if they would like to be rich, I’m sure at least 98 of them would answer yes. Their answer might range from, “maybe if the conditions were right” to “YES, and make it fast!”

Most people think of the wealthy as being reserved and probably a bit cautious. The thinking goes that if the millionaire wasn’t very cautious with how he spends his money, he wouldn’t have a million dollars left.

But a closer look at who gets wealthy gives a far different picture. You see, at the very core of American business is a deep enthusiasm. People who get rich tend to be people who can make the most of the American business system. And those people tend to be gung-ho, enthusiastic, and more than eager to charge straight ahead. If you say, “I’ve got a way to make a lot of money, do you want to start tomorrow?” Most will reply, “Let’s start NOW!”

One European marketing guru got it right when he said, “American business likes to jump in and take chances. In France they’ll sit on a good idea until it’s time has passed. Americans can’t wait to get going.” And I would certainly say that attitude toward business applies to everyone in North America, whether they be in the U.S. or not.

Here are several ways to light your own fire and get your business future on its way:

1. When you see a business opportunity, let your enthusiasm grow. Rather than thinking of all the ways the business might fail, spend time thinking ONLY of the ways it could succeed and succeed BIG.

2. Listen to those around you, but don’t let your friends, family, and people at work talk you out of an idea you really believe in. Scientific studies show it’s very hard to keep your beliefs solid when two or more people gang up on you. Keep in that in mind. If you start to see the downside of your business after talking to others, go back to step one and get yourself fired up again.

3. KEEP yourself fired up. It’s not enough just to get excited at the start. You’ve got to get up every morning reminding yourself just how cool your business really is.

4. Try to surround yourself with people who see things as you do. That’s a great way to keep your resolve and pump up your vision. That may sound a little self-centered, but it’s THE way top corporate leaders get things done in the CEO’s office. You can use that method even if you’re one person working from your kitchen table.

America is number one in business worldwide because we aren’t afraid to dream. We aren’t afraid to be enthusiastic. And that immense, American enthusiasm is our greatest asset in our never ending quest for wealth and financial security.

Beating Debt with a Stick

Debt is a Product in America

The #1 sickness in America concerning finances right now is debt. Debt is a product in our culture and it is vigorously aimed at you and me everyday, everywhere. As a society, we borrow more money than the last two generations times two and your online credit report reflects these habits! Some companies like Sears make more profit from their credit department than from all the physical products they sell.

But It’s the Norm Isn’t It?

We are programmed from childhood to make automatic decisions regarding our personal spending habits thus negatively affecting our online credit report. A few ‘real world’ examples are listed below:
∙ leasing a car instead of paying for it in cash (unheard of right?)
∙ 90 days same as cash (NOT… really the same in more than 75% of the cases)
∙ rent-to-own (translation = paying 2, 3, 4 times the actual value of the product)
∙ 30 year vs. 15 year mortgages (an accepted lengthy and very costly way of purchasing a house)
What to do? Well, I hate to give the obvious answer here but how about saving money! Try saving money in a money market account for a couple years and then paying for a slightly used car in cash or with a 50 to 75% down payment. Wow, imagine having that extra money every month that most people dump into their lease or high rate loan. Try saving money for 3-6 months interest and risk free for that thing that you needed and you might find that you can get it cheaper with hundreds OR even that you want to use your hard-earned money for something more practical. Your credit report will thank you as well.

Penny Pinching is Boring!
Most people today think that to be frugal one must live out of a shack and only make purchases when they are on clearance (or if it’s life or death). Well they’re only half right. Have you heard the expression “It’s the little things that count”? This holds very true when dealing with financial decisions. While large purchases definitely have great effect on ones online credit report as well as their overall situation, it is often the everyday spending habits that accumulate and hold them back from attaining wealth of any sort. What many people fail to realize is that the majority of true millionaires in America (those with net worths exceeding 1 million dollars) got rich from thinking outside the box and not following the crowd. Try thinking a little more about how you handle your money and you might find that you know more than you think you do.

Summing Up the Debt Sickness Fiasco
A decision as simple as using a debit credit card instead of a credit card shows discipline. Report that paying with cash instead of credit shows that you have properly budgeted your money and it just feels better to own something the day you walk away with it. Your credit report will also reflect these positive actions. Since the average consumer has little control over their own spending habits, the credit report picks up the slack and in turn there are more negative items to show for it. Even statistics show that using cash when making purchases will greatly reduce spending thus causing you to think harder as a consumer before swiping that credit card. Get off to a good start by seeing what is on your online credit report. By removing negative items from your online credit report you can improve your credit rating.

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